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Beer & Steak Heads

Oct 13, 2018 / by biecreative / In Events / Leave a comment

From concept to creation!

Beer and Steak heads was an event inspired a by great meal.. A beer and a steak was enjoyed at The Hackney Hotel on Hackney Road, SA – Just the space that the event ended up being at!

With a marketplace full of degustations and million course dinners paired with vegan, organic wine from local grapes blah blah blah we wanted to test the waters with simple products that people love, and target a market that often doesn’t have events tailor madeĀ  just for them!

Beer and Steak Heads was born.

The location was a small private room at The Hackney, their Loft upstairs at the hotel with a fireplace and a balcony with views of Botanic Park, just the rustic scene for such an event.

We worked with The chefs at The Hackney to pair 3 different prime steaks with 3 small batch local craft breweries, staggered over 3 sell out events.

The events were a great success, enjoyed by punters and the venue.. Especially Sam the General Manager who enjoyed a few beers at them all!

What we provided

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Marketing Plan and Delivery
  • Videography & Photography
  • Room Setup Consultation
  • Music & AV

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